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Ready to Return Your Lease?

Skip any inconveniences you run into with our simple, stress-free process at Buckeye Honda

Is your lease ending? Are you wary of the burden that many come across when returning their vehicle at the end of their lease? Have no fear! Buckeye Honda can solve all the concerns you may have and give you peace of mind as you complete the remainder of your lease and find yourself ready to return your vehicle; whether you originally leased it here or not! With our team of lease-experts, the return process has never been easier!

Return you lease at Buckeye Honda, the center of lease returns in Central Ohio

Are you ready to return your leased car, truck or SUV? Come in and let us solve any of the following problems!

  1. Your lease is ending soon and you’re not sure what to do
  2. You want out of your current lease
  3. You’re ready to upgrade your current leased vehicle but aren’t sure how
  4. You want to purchase your leased vehicle
  5. Finding out how to lower your payments and get into a fantastic new automobile
  6. Your lease has been damaged (major damage, minor damage or both) or you’re over your miles and don’t know what to do

Put your mind at ease: we have a solution to any of these problems. Buckeye Honda is Lancaster, Ohio’s top destination for all lease-related inquiries. If you find yourself in Central Ohio and looking for the answer to any of the above questions, you’re only one-step away from be contacted by one of our specialist who can walk you through the lease end process.

Whether your vehicle was leased from here or not, we can make the process stress-free and help you with your next step

Not only can we help with Honda Vehicles: If you have a lease to turn in that you’re unsure about, contact us, we’re more than happy to be of service!

We accept any make and model of all Honda leases, that way we can make sure that everyone is able to take advantage of our exceptional service and lease-expertise!

What are you waiting for? If your lease is coming to an end or if you have any leasing-related questions, contact us TODAY!


Question: When is the right time to start thinking about returning my lease?

Answer: While this question is ultimately up to the leaser to decide, it is STRONGLY ADVISED to not wait until the last minute to decide to return your vehicle. The best experiences have come from those that have started to think about it at least 2 or 3 months before the end of the lease and have made or have been helped make a decision. Contact us today and start your lease return decision making for the smoothest car-return experience in Lancaster, Ohio.

Question: What all takes place during the lease-return process? Do I need to schedule anything?

You will need to schedule a vehicle inspection for the end of the lease through Honda. You will need to provide your account number for Honda Financial Services and the VIN for your vehicle. You can call 1-800-340-4080 to set up the inspection. More information on the inspection can be found here.

Question: I leased my Honda from a different dealer, can I still work with Buckeye Honda?

Absolutely! Let us handle all of the paperwork and the headaches. We are ready and eager to go over all of your options and help put you in the right vehicle going forward