Meet the Buckeye Used Car Family!

Buckeye Honda Lancaster OH


Hello Buckeye Family, it’s me, Jerry!

I am here to introduce you to the Buckeye Used Car Family and the outstanding value of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. We kick that value up a notch with decades of automotive experience and the stellar reputation of the Buckeye name.

You may have seen me recently and been asking yourself, “What’s that dapper looking fella and the goofball group of guys he’s been hanging around doing all over Buckeye Honda?”

Well, that sharp-dressed man is me, and those knucklehead brothers of mine are key characters in the history of the Buckeye Automotive Family. We have been selected to represent our very own lineups of Pre-Owned Vehicles at Buckeye Honda, and to bring you, our Buckeye Family, better prices and greater value than you’ve ever seen before!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Buckeye Used Car Family!

My story begins in Grandview, Ohio, where I became a successful car salesman and fell in love with the automotive industry. Years of hard work went into researching and perfecting a formula that would lead to the perfect car buying experience. Then, in 1978, I purchased a dealership named “Buckeye Imports” and founded “Buckeye Datsun,” which, in turn, eventually became “Buckeye Nissan.” Buckeye Nissan’s focus on the customer led to rapid growth, and it went on to become one of Ohio’s largest Nissan dealerships!

The Buckeye Automotive Family has now expanded to four stores: Buckeye Nissan, Buckeye Honda, Buckeye Toyota, and Georgesville Nissan. Each of these stores sports a dedicated, energetic staff who share my passion for helping people with their automotive needs.  From the customer-focused purchase experience to state-of-the-art service facilities and certified technicians, Buckeye is committed to providing the best automotive value and experience! 

What is it that I have to offer now-a-days? Only the best-of-the-best that Buckeye Honda has to offer when it comes to Pre-Owned Vehicles: Honda Certified Pre-Owned!

Only well-maintained Honda vehicles that are under six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles are eligible for certification. The program includes many other benefits that a private seller just can’t match, like a thorough, multi-point inspection conducted by a team of Honda-trained technicians. The certification process includes:

  • A thorough, multi-point mechanical and appearance inspection, performed by the dealer, to ensure that each used vehicle meets Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle standards.
  • Honda-trained technicians scrutinize all major vehicle systems, including brakes, engine, drivetrain, steering, suspension, tires, wheels, exhaust system, and vehicle interior and exterior.
  • Dealer technicians recondition any component that does not meet our standards.
  • Any component that cannot be reconditioned is replaced with Honda Genuine parts.
  • A limited warranty that covers engine and transmission components for up to 7 years/100,000 miles.

Just like I’ve always said: “If you want the best, just call Jerry!”

Now that you’ve heard about me, my story and my vehicles, I’d love you to meet the rest of my Buckeye Family! Take it away Mike!

Buckeye Honda Lancaster OH


Howdy, Buckeye Family, my name is Mike, and if there are two things I know well, they are dad jokes and Pre-Owned vehicles.  Buckeye Honda has always prioritized a customer-focused purchase experience, and nothing shows that better than all my Pre-Owned, or as I like to say, “Pre-Loved” vehicles. Each one comes with Buckeye for Life benefits that will have you feeling stress-free and without the hassle that comes with purchasing a used car from most other dealerships! Buckeye for Life is an exclusive benefits program that ensures you have protection down the road and peace of mind for the life of your car—all at no additional charge!  So come on down to Buckeye Honda; you might be driving something different HONDA way back home!

Buckeye Honda Lancaster OH


Hello from the early days! My name is George, and I am one of the first-ever Buckeye mechanics along with Jerry, Mike, and Denny’s grandpa! I put countless hours of hard work and elbow grease into my work, and those values have led to the “never-give-up” attitude our Buckeye Automotive associates bring to the dealership every day.  My pre-owned vehicles offer wonderful value for those willing to put extra care into their purchase. All my vehicles are wrench-ready for any of our Buckeye Family seeking a car that will reflect their hard work at a price they can’t beat!

Buckeye Honda Lancaster OH


My name is Denny, and I like to keep it short and sweet. My favorite vehicles are found at prices that can’t be beaten. I look all over the lot at Buckeye Honda, finding the best vehicles we have so that I can offer them to you at unimaginably discounted prices. Even though you can’t beat Buckeye Honda’s everyday prices, keep an eye out for “Denny’s Deals” because I’m going to bring you prices so low, they’ll make your jaw drop to the floor!