Tips on How to Handle Driving in Winter Weather!

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Winter Driving

Winter Weather Driving Tips!

Snow angels, snowball fights, ice skating, and igloos can all be some pretty exciting signs of winter. But as the weather gets colder the thought of driving in the winter weather can be intimidating to both new and experienced drivers. But knowledge is power and being prepared before you hit the road could make all the difference. Enjoy these winter driving tips from Buckeye Honda .

Before the winter weather comes it’s a good idea to have your car inspected to make sure that it is running in best conditions. Its best to work out all issues now to not have your car issues and be stuck in cold weather. Check out our Buckeye Honda service department to schedule your service now! Once you know that your car is good to go it is a good idea to make sure that it is stocked for the winter weather. Keep an ice scraper on hand and your gas tank full as well as have dry clothes, blanket, water, car charger, a small shovel and sand/ salt in your trunk. This way no matter what the winter weather throws at you, you will be ready to handle it! As the weather gets colder be sure to keep an eye on the weather reports to see when it will be safe to drive. And most importantly if you don’t feel as though it is safe to drive then stay inside!

Give yourself plenty of time before you leave in winter weather to make sure you’ve gotten all snow and ice off your vehicle. This increases visibility and makes it so snow and ice isn’t flying off your car into traffic and other vehicles. Paying attention while driving is always important but be sure in winter weather to eliminate all distractions so you can be ready for the unexpected. Wear your seatbelt, drive slowly and increase the distance between you and other cars on the road. Winter driving is not the time to use cruise control or slam on your brakes.

Driving in winter weather can be unpredictable but being prepared and attentive can help you handle the road with ease. Safe travels and happy holiday from all of us at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster.

Source: AAA

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