Easy Ways to Get More Miles Per Gallon Out of Your Vehicle

June 23rd, 2021 by
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Increasing the MPG YOU can get from your car has never been EASIER

Did You Know There’s a Simple Way You Can Boost Your Fuel Efficiency?  

Miles per gallon.  A phrase that very well could be one of the first things you hear when you started learning about cars.  At the very least, it was one that became much more important to you when you started paying for your own gas.  While Honda may continually rank near the top of its class year in and year out in fuel efficient vehicles, there are even ways to still improve its uncompromised performance.  To break it down, many cars may say they get a certain set number of miles per single gallon of gasoline, but in actuality, this number is just the best estimate the engineers that designed the car came to a mathematic conclusion on.  That’s made by companies in no effort to deceive the driver, but rather to give a baseline of what they know the vehicle should achieve.  Often, a car can get even more miles per gallon out of their car than advertised, but it’s important to know just how you can!   Listen up to this article as it gives you easy tips to get even more gas mileage out of your vehicle through simple driving habits you can start practicing today! 

Keeping It Consistent 

One of the best ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to drive with purpose. Almost every normal drive contains its stops and starts; but the less you end up slamming on the brakes while maintaining a smooth speed and cut out prolonged idling during daily driving, the better off you’ll end up being.   You should NEVER prioritize this over your personal safety, but you can probably find times you can improve on acceleration-deceleration habits with proper practice.  The harder your engine has to work to keep up with you, the worse your fuel economy figures become. Think of it like when you are out on a jog.  Going from walk to full sprint is much harder to do then going from a jog to sprinting.   Sharply accelerating won’t get you the most out of your fuel economy because it is much harder on your engine.  On top of saving fuel, it will extend the life of your brakes!  Make the ride as smooth as butter, and your miles per gallon will end up sweet as cake! 

Prioritize Keeping Up with Maintenance 

You can end up being the most efficient driver in the world, yet still, there’s even more you can do.  Staying up to date with maintenance on your car is possibly the most important thing.  Although your Honda probably still runs like the day you drove it off the lot, make sure to regularly schedule and follow through with appointments.  You may also think, “how could maintenance even help my fuel efficiency?  My gas tank isn’t leaking!”  Well, there are some smaller things that may not come to mind that can absolutely undermine all your efficient driving techniques if left unchecked.  Make sure to watch out for these things, and seek maintenance as soon as possible if you’re not sure! 

Give These a Try!

  •  Air Filter: Did you know that changing your air filter can lead to up to a 10-15 percent increase in fuel efficiency? That’s right!  Debris can harm your engine, and the best way to combat this is with a clean air filter.  Air filters are relatively affordable and easy to replace.  Air filters are also widely available for purchase.  Having a clean air filter can be your next step in bolstering your MPG and something that is certainly worth a look!


  • Fuel Type: Does your car need unleaded gas or premium fuel? Have you ever checked or been told?  In the owner’s manual you can find just what type of fuel your car needs to operate at its best.  Honda owners can use this website as a resource by entering their make and model and viewing their vehicle specific manual. If you have been putting in a higher or lower octane than your car was suggested to run on, it’s probably a good idea to consult a trained mechanic.  


  • Tire Pressure and Thread: Properly inflated tires maintain good grip with the road, while an underinflated set has to work much harder for the same performance. An easy way to check quickly is to use an object you may find laying around your house or might come across on the ground in a parking lot: a penny.  Simply stick the bottom edge of the penny at the bottom of a worn tire well and see if the tread still covers Abe Lincoln’s head.  If it doesn’t, it may be time for new tires from the Buckeye Honda Parts Department!  Worn out tire threads can cause similar issues as well, or could be an indicator of an alignment issue. Check your air pressure and tread monthly to ensure your car’s “shoes” stay fresh. 


  • Wheels: Generally speaking, the lighter your vehicle, the better your efficiency. Consider upgrading to lighter alloy wheels when shopping around for replacements.  Plus, who doesn’t like a beautiful set of rims and tires to totally complete the look of their stylish Honda ride?!

Still Want More?

We hope you found these simple tips and tricks helpful and useful in your journey to getting even more fuel efficiency from your car.  Remember to not get discouraged if any of these options are a bit too mechanically advanced or inapplicable to your current vehicle.  You can always optimize your car, truck, or SUV by bringing it in to the Buckeye Honda Service Department and have our trained team of expert mechanics and technicians take a look at it for you!

Okay; so you’ve done everything on the list and brought it in for service and they’ve made the car run better than ever, but you just say straight up, “Hey, I want ___ (amount) more miles per gallon than my vehicle gets, and tips and tricks just can’t get me there.”  The simple solution to this is to check out our Award-Winning lineup of Gas/Electric Hybrid Honda vehicles, including the new 2022 Honda Insight that gets up to a mind boggling 55 MPG!

We hope this article helped you out, and you get more miles per gallon out of your vehicle than ever before!