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The story of the Buckeye Racing Team was not the direct path to championship lane you might’ve expected.  What began as an unassuming yet wishful conversation between two long term associates, a situation uncommon in itself, took an unexpected left turn into an unquenchable desire.  A desire to race.  A desire to compete at our highest level.  A desire to win.  The Buckeye Honda Racing team born and it was ready to hit the pavement running towards whatever challenge presented itself next.

Our team is comprised of the same people who bring our customers President-Award winning service right here, at our dealership, every day.  We truly believe our technical team is made up of the best and brightest service and parts professionals in the industry and pride ourselves on the fact you, as a Buckeye Honda family member, will experience the same level of care and passion our team puts forth into the race car to your vehicle, every time you pull into our service department.

Come in and see our car, meet our people and see our passion.  We would love to take you for a ride at the track, just ask us how.

Race and Event Schedule

“Just Winning in the Rain”


NASA GREAT LAKES SERIES at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

The Buckeye Honda Racing Team kicked off their 2021 season on FIRE at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, taking home first place overall.  Rain pelted the course and racer’s windshields throughout the entirety of the weekend, testing driver’s visibility to the extreme.  Luckily for our Buckeye Honda Racing Team, our car is driven by Eric Waddell, one of the best drivers in the business, and backed by a team of world-class technical support.  Our decision to coat the windshield in our Buckeye Protect Windshield Protection is one we won’t regret, which you can see in action below, or watch the full race on YouTube here.  The Buckeye Honda Racing Team hopes to keep their early momentum rolling throughout the season, and will next race on Memorial Day, once again putting rubber to road at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course May 28th-30th.




NASA GREAT LAKES SERIES at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

The Buckeye Automotive Race Team rounded out their second event of the season on Memorial Day weekend as part of the NASA Great Lakes Racing Series. Returning to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course that the Team had so much success in the first weekend, another cold and rainy day was dominated in the first race to the tune of a very strong second-place finish. While confidence was sky-high and momentum seemed to be on the side of our Buckeyes, a turn for the worse met them entering race #2.

Transmission fluid and catastrophic brake problems hounded the Team, barring them from the chance to even get rubber to the road on Saturday’s closing race. While many would have thrown-in the towel under these circumstances, Buckeye Racing decided to use the chaos to show what Power of the Team is really all about, engineering a plan that included going as far as using parts from fellow Race Team member, Lindsey Wright’s own car!

The weekend was a fantastic learning experience for the whole team, and despite the problems they faced, good times were still abundant.

Rounding Out 2021…

The Team will continue to try and partake in as many events as possible throughout the remainder of the season, with all eyes set on the NASA National Championships at Daytona International Speedway from September 16th-19th.  With their skills tested to the max this year, Buckeye Honda hopes to recapture the lightning they once did at this track and bring another National Championship back to Lancaster, Ohio!

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“Since I was a small child, one of my dreams has been to compete in motor vehicle races all over the world with a vehicle of my own making, and to win.”  – Soichiro Honda

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